Tiny Houses Big Design


I specialize in building tiny homes on foundations. Homes between 350 and 1000 sq feet. I predominantly build in Galveston, TX but I also have projects in Houston,TX.

Design Services

I design my homes from the ground up. These homes maximize design and functionality. I can help you design a tiny home that is completely unique and built for you and your specific dreams and desires.

Visually stunning and brilliant design. I was floored the moment I walked through the door. I see real estate all day everyday and I knew instantly that I won the lottery on this one.

Christopher Williams 1-11-20

Unsurpassed quality builds, with cutting edge design. Christine’s homes give buyers an atmosphere to transport them to an everyday vacation. Big spaces in tiny homes!

Anthony Francescan 1-11-20

Plum Tiny is the most adorable home we have ever owned. We currently have 6 airbnb investment properties and this one is by far our favorite. The time that went into detail is amazing. It’s the true perfect little tiny house and we cannot wait to buy another one from Christine in the near future.

Jamie Terry 1-12-20